Arctic Response Driver Training

Leaders in Safety and Training

Arctic Response Canada: Safety Training Experts

Arctic Response has been delivering high-quality safety training in Northern Canada and Alberta for over 20 years. Our instructors are extensively trained, experienced and knowledgeable!  Whether you are just learning to drive or want to become a professional driver, Arctic Response is here to give you the skills and tools you need to achieve your driving goals.

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Arctic Response Driver Training

Providing Comprehensive Training for all Driver Experience Levels and Vehicle Types

Arctic Response drivers training course is designed to give you more confidence on the road and prepare you to handle any situation that comes your way. Whether you are an experienced driver or a novice driver, our course will give you the skills and knowledge to operate your vehicle safely and skillfully in all driving conditions.

Our instructors are experts in their fields, certified by leading organizations. We believe that high-quality training is key to keeping our students safe and ready for anything they might encounter on the road.



Arctic Response Driving Training is located in Sherwood Park, AB.  serving in and around Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan and Ardrossan areas.  We are one of the few driving schools that specialize in Class 1 MELT,  Class 1 MELT E & E, Class 3, Class 5 & 7 and Air Brakes training in Alberta!  Each instructor is extensively trained and experienced. Providing exceptional training from the high Arctic down to Alberta!  Our in-vehicle lessons are one-on-one providing a positive learning environment that promotes student success!

Road Test Preparation

Featured Program

Class 5 License Program

With Fall and Winter around the corner, new drivers are eager to obtain their licence before the snow flys! Have one of our qualified instructors help achieve these goals by developing their awareness, knowledge and skills to become a safe, proactive driver.

We offer a flexible range of packages to meet your budget and needs!

Arctic Response Driver Training Courses

During your time with Arctic Response Driver Training, you will learn the skills required to being a proactive driver. In addition to driving in various conditions, you will also spend time learning how share the road, space management, good judgement skills, gain confidence and much more.

Arctic Response is a driver training school that teaches you how to handle your vehicle in all driving conditions

When there’s an emergency and the roads are a mess, it’s not enough to drive well. You need to be able to keep yourself and the others around you safe if something goes wrong.  Arctic Response, drivers training programs are designed to give you practical experience driving in all conditions, whether it is rain, snow, fog, night, and/ or ice that can be hazardous.

After completing the course, the driver will gain confidence, experience & responsibility behind the wheel of the vehicle with knowing the rules and regulations that are governed by the province or territory. As the participant progresses through our program on becoming a Class 5 driver, their awareness and responsibilities will increase significantly.

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