About Us

Arctic Response Driver Training aims to deliver high quality driver training to meet your driving goals and needs. Arctic Response Driver Training is a part of Arctic Response Canada which has been delivering industry leading field and safety courses for over 20 years. Arctic Response has become the industry standard and leader for safety training and we are proud to have assisted in the development of national training standards for both private and public sector groups. Our goal is to do the same for driver training; to not only deliver excellent training but to elevate standards within the industry.


We have been training for over 20 years, starting in the Northwest Territories, we have delivered training from southern Canada to the High Arctic. Our team  has delivered training in the most extreme conditions and have prepared our students to properly work and drive in these conditions. If you are looking for proper, safe and effective training for Canadian weather, look no further than Arctic Response.



A training curriculum is only as good as the instructor delivering it, and our people are the cornerstone of our success. Arctic Response instructors are outstanding educators drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. Together, our team of seasoned instructors have decades worth of experience teaching and driving.



Our programs strive to:

  • Meet and exceed legislated standards for our students
  • Wherever practical, encourages collateral benefits such as leadership and interagency training; and
  • Is transportable; Arctic Response frequently delivers training in remote communites or on-site.

Arctic Response is proud to have a stellar safety record due to our commitment to health and safety and our refusal to cut corners. Finally, Arctic Response is a strong believer in person-to-person training.  However, we have also produced very effective long distance learning tools for theory components of several programs.  Arctic Response will help you find the most effective way of meeting your training requirements and needs.