Air Brake Endorsement

Course Description

For any vehicle equipped with air brakes, including many RVs, you must complete this training in order to add the ‘Q’ endorsement to your licence.

The course is broken into two components:

Classroom Portion:

  • Learn from our seasoned instructors about how air brakes work, air line systems and trailer coupling and un-coupling
  • Use our new, modern air board system to see how the entire system works

Practical Portion:

  • See an air brake system in action on one of our new trucks, the instructor will show you how to perform a pre-trip inspection
  • Perform the pre-trip inspection yourself to get invaluable hands on practice with an air brake system
  • You will then be assessed by an instructor in a one-on-one setting on your practical knowledge of the air brakes

Once you pass the classroom and practical portion, you will be given a Notice of Air Brake Program Completion form. You may then head to the registry to write your knowledge test, upon succesful completion of the knowledge test, you will be granted the ‘Q’ endorsement.

Pricing & Booking

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