Class 1 M.E.L.T

Get the Best Class 1 Driver Training in Sherwood Park

As a certified school for Class 1 Driver Training in Sherwood Park, Arctic Response Driver Training provides you with the most experienced instructors who will help you in your driving career. If you are searching for a comprehensive driving school, send your applications to Arctic Response Driver Training to become qualified to drive trucks, trailers, and all other vehicles equipped with air brakes.

Our Class 1 Driving School provides you with a variety of transportation training courses in Sherwood Park that are tailored to meet the mandatory requirements of the industry. Once you complete the air brake course and driver training, you become qualified to operate semi-trailer trucks and all other motor vehicles to advance your career.

After acquiring a Class 1 driver’s license in Sherwood Park, what can you drive?

  • Semi-trailer trucks and all other motor vehicles
  • A combination of vehicles except for motorcycles
  • Class 6 type vehicles for training purposes

Training Requirements

  • You have to be of 18 years age or above
  • Have Class 1 driver’s medical completed by a certified physician
  • A non-probationary Class 5 driving license

Road Test Preparation

Before attempting the road test, you have to complete the following requirements:

  • Complete your vision assessment
  • Get your medical examinations by a doctor done and submit the medical form when you check on for your road test
  • Check Pass the open-in-new Air Brake (Q) Endorsement. Provide the Notice of Air Brake Program Completion form to be eligible

Once your classes are complete, and you clear the exam, you are ready to get behind the wheels. Click at join to begin your journey to a new career as a truck driver right away! Get your Sherwood Park Class 1 License with Arctic Response Driver Training for a certified, endorsed, and well-trained time as a truck driver.

License Requirements

Before you can take this training you must have:

  • Class 5, or higher, non-GDL license
  • Driver’s medical exam

Course Content

Classroom topics and pratical training include:

  • Vehicle Components and Systems
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Paperwork and Regulatory Requirements
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Vehicle Inspection Activities
  • Cargo Securement
  • Habits of a Professional Driver
  • Loss Prevention 

Arctic Response Driver Training uses Alberta’s Mandatory Entry-Level Training (M.E.L.T) standards for Class 1 training. It is in-depth, professional training to upgrade to a Class 1 license. This course will prepare you to take your road test in order to earn your class 1 license. This course is a minimum 5 week program and includes classroom, in-yard and driving training. The hours per component are:

  • 40.5 classroom hours
  • 12 in-yard hours
  • 57 driving hours
  • 12 additional in-cab hours (Yukon and NWT only)
  • 12 air brakes hours

Pricing & Booking

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