Class 3

License Requirements

Before you can take this training you must have:

  • Class 5, or higher, non-GDL license

Course Content

Classroom topics and pratical training include:

  • Rules, regulations and documentation of commerical vehicles
  • Vehicle components and systems
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Coupling and un-coupling
  • City and highway driving
  • Backing and hill parking

This professional training is to learn to operate a single or tandem axle air brake equipped vehicles. Taking this training will equip you with the knowledge, skills and experience to sucessfuly earn your Class 3 license.

Course Length

Depending on your experience and previous knowledge, there are several course streams which you can apply for.

Career Program: An in-depth class 3 program for any skill level or experience. This also includes a resume builder and job placement portion for you to get a jump start on your career. Regardless of your experience, this is a great option to receive in-depth training from our professional instructors and is an excellent way to further your professional driving career.

  • 28 hours classroom and airbrakes endorsement
  • 26 hours in-truck, assessment and road test
  • 2 hour resume builder/job placement

Experienced Course: For those with some driving experience.

  • 12 hours airbrakes classroom and practical
  • 16 hours in-truck, assessment and road test

Automatic Transmission Program: For those who want to learn to drive an automatic class 3 vehicle. This stream does not cover any manual transmissions or shifting.

  • 12 hours airbrakes classroom and practical
  • 10 hours in-truck, assessment and road test


Career Program: $5,950.00

Experienced Course: $3,000.00 

Automatic Transmission Program: $1,600.00

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