Classroom Training

Your Trusted Driving School In Sherwood Park

Arctic Response has over 20 years of safety training experience. Our goal is to provide premium service in all safety aspects including Driver Education. Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury! 


Arctic Response Driver Training will provide professional instruction to enhance the knowledge, skills, behaviors required to become capable, proactive and responsible throughout their driving careers.


New drivers are most likely to be involved in a collision, resulting in injury or death, in the first few months of unsupervised driving. Arctic Response Driver Training do not just train on how to pass a road test, they train how to survive on our roads today! 


Our instructors will focus on basic driving procedures & maneuvers, vehicle control, highway driving, rules of the road, sharing the road, low-high risk situations, hazard awareness, confidence and good judgment in all challenging situations.


We value each of our students because we understand the responsibility attached to every individual once on the road. 


Our driving school classroom is located in Sherwood Park.

Our courses are designed to have all our students gain the knowledge, skill and behaviour whether you are a novice driver or experienced. If you wish for yourself to be trusted and relied upon based on the driving skills you possess, contact Arctic Response Driver Training and further your career in driving.


Course Description

This package is intended for students who are looking to obtain their learner’s licence. This is a 15-hour course which covers:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Licencing
    • Conditions and restrictions
    • GDL Program
    • Traffic Laws
    • Demerit Point System
  • Driving
    • Driving habits and factors
    • Reaction time/stopping distance
  • The Vehicle
    • Instrument Panel
    • Gears (auto vs standard)
    • Safety features
    • Signal lights
  • Rules of the road
    • Traffic lights and signals
    • Traffic control signs
    • Pavement markings
    • Sharing the road
    • Intersections and turning
    • Maneuvers
  • Collision Avoidance
    • Statistics
    • Improper actions and defensive driving
    • Scanning the road
    • Risk assessment
    • Tires, inertia, skids and hydroplaning
    • Low visibility driving
  • Fuel Efficiency

Online Training

We also offer Online Training.  Upon completing the registration process and payment, students will receive a link to start their online training.  

Upcoming Classroom Dates

  • August – Online Only
  • September – Online Only
  • October Online Only
  • November – Online Only
  • December – Online Only